South African Border War

The South African Border War, commonly referred to as the Angolan Bush War in South Africa, was a conflict that took place from 1966 to 1989 in South-West Africa (now Namibia) and Angola between South Africa and its allied forces (mainly UNITA) on the one side and the Angolan Armed Forces (FAPLA), South-West Africa People’s Organisation (SWAPO), and their allies – mainly Cuba – on the other. It was closely intertwined with the Angolan Civil War and the Namibian War of Independence.

This List of operations of the South African Border War details the military operations conducted by the South African Defence Force during the South African Border War:

Operation Savannah (1975)
Operation Bruilof (1978)
Operation Seiljag (1978)
Operation Reindeer (1978)
Operation Rekstok (1979)
Operation Safraan (1979)
Operation Sceptic (Smokeshell) (1980)
Operation Vastrap (July 1980)
Operation Klipklop (1980)
Operation Vasbyt (1981)
Operation Konyn (1981)
Operation Carnation (1981)
Operation Protea (1981)
Operation Daisy (1981)
Operation Kerslig (1981)
Operation Super (1982)
Operation Meebos (1982)
Operation Drama (1983)
Operation Phoenix (1983)
Operation Askari (1983)
Operation Boswilger (1985)
Operation Egret (1985)
Operation Argon (1985)
Operation Wallpaper
Operation Alpha Centauri (1986)
Operation Modular (1987)
Operation Hooper (1987 / 1988)
Operation Packer (1988)
Operation Prone (1988)
Operation Vuiswys (1988)
Operation Displace (1989)
Operation Linger (1989)
Operation Agree (1989)