The Commemorative Medals Survey

The Commemorative Medals Survey is now open to all SAMVOA members and by now you should have received the Medal Poll from your Regional Chairman and a follow-up invitation from SurveyMonkey to vote for your preference of retaining or removing these medals from our Dress Regulations.

Details of the Commemorative Medal Poll are HERE in the event that you have not received the Poll.

If you have not yet received a request from Survey Monkey, this could be due to one of the following reasons:

NOTE  How to white list an email address:  Instructions on how to White List your email address are HERE.
In addition, you may have to also add the SurveyMonkey IP address to your configuration and you can find the details for the different domains HERE

Please contact your Regional Chairman asap with any issues to ensure you have every opportunity to vote.


Over December 2018 and January 2019, SAMVOA WA had the honour and pleasure of hostIng S/Major Koos Moorcroft as their guest in Perth. He had a somewhat busy schedule while visiting us, including promoting the esprit de corps by participating in several SAMVOA events, even tackling the traditional 2.4km run! On his departure back to South Africa on 31 January, he drafted a sincere letter of appreciation, which WA would like to share with all our Veterans.


Dear SAMVOA members Perth, WA.

Issie and I want to thank you sincerely for making us feel at home in Perth WA during our

visit to our children, Kathy and Brummer currently staying in The Vines. If we ever had to

leave South Africa and find another home, it will be very easy here in Perth with our Military

Veteran family SAMVOA.

Thank you for including us in all your arrangements, visits and family outings.

You all form part of a great group of guys and girls, with no party politics, open friendly

people, there for one another - I can describe you better with the Selous Scouts motto

“Pamwe Chete” the Shona word meaning “We are together”.

You are setting an excellent example of how a dedicated veterans organisation should

operate, there for each other and committed to the cause - also having fun. We are proud

to be accepted and part of your family.

Dave, Ben and Ian, thank you for unconditional leadership and to the “Godfather” Garth

thank you for your dedication and commitment with what you started in WA, may you all go

from strength to strength.

We are very proud of all of you.

Best wishes until we meet again,

Koos and Issie Moorcroft.


Boshoed Day is on 26 August every year

On this day in 1966, was the recognised start of the South African Border War, which lasted 23 years, 6 months, 3 weeks and 2 days.

Please remember the 2,280 members of the SADF who gave their lives in service of their country . 776 of our soldiers were killed in action.

What can we do to commemorate this day?

Wear something SADF related - it can be anything from your boshoed, beret, SAMVOINT badge, corps balkie - anything.

Take a selfie and share/post photos on our Facebook page or email us to upload your snaps to the website.

Create awareness of our veterans and especially to honour those who made the supreme sacrifice.

Lest We Forget