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Information for Primary Current Service Medal Applications

Medal Application Information

Please download the application here and printout the form. Complete, sign and email to for processing.

Medal processing is a service available to SAMVOINT members only and all applications are cross checked against the member database to ensure we are providing a quality service to our Veterans. If you are not yet a member and would like join us, please sign up here – it only takes a few minutes and it is absolutely free. We look forward to welcoming you to SAMVOINT and being of service to you.

Recently, SAMVOINT had to suspend all applications for medals, awaiting fresh requirements from Ceremonial, SANDF. These requirements are now to hand, which will require you to follow the guidelines as set out below. For Medal applications fromMembers, SAMVOINT offers the following:·      

SAMVOINT provides a service to SAMVOINT Members for processing and monitoring of Medal applications. SAMVOINT does not accept non-member medal applications.·     

Once the applicant has provided the supporting documentation, now required by SANDF, your application will be supported by our Medals Office inJohannesburg, where we: Submit medal applications in batches, directly to the correct office at SANDF Ceremonial in Pretoria.  We make personal visits to Pretoria in follow-ups.·      

Although SAMVOINT moves quickly, this remains a slow process, which we hope speeds up as a result of the information that Medal Applicants now need to submit. SAMVOINT cannot guarantee an outcome, as the issuing of medals are solely at the discretion of SANDF Ceremonial.

The 4 major process changes are as follows:

Applicant MUST provide a FULLY completed and signed Medal Application Form
* Applicant MUST provide a copy of his/hers Full Service Records in ALL instances
* Certified copy of Identification by either a South African Identification Book or current Passport – South African or otherwise
* Affidavit to accompany all application for the replacement of “Lost or Stolen” medals


The process going forward for a Veteran who is not yet an OrdinaryMember of SAMVOINT is:

Step One: Apply to become a SAMVOINT Member. Veterans should go on line onto the SAMVOINT Website at  and, under the “Membership” tab, apply to become a member. Membership is free and you will then belong to a South African MilitaryVeteran Organisation that is International.·      

Through Clubs and our digital reach, SAMVOINT facilitates to keep you in touch with fellow South Africa Veterans, no matter where they live.·      

SAMVOINT is a full member of the CMVO (Council of Military Veteran Organisations) who look after the interest of South African Veterans.

Step Two: Gain acceptance as a Member. Membership applications, assuming the information submitted is full and correct, will take between 12 to 48 hours to process, and, upon acceptance, you will be welcomed by SAMVOINT. Members will then be welcomed by their respective National or Regional Chairman and will receive more detailed information, including local Regional and Club activities.   

Here, you should receive more detailed information, including localRegional and Club activities.

 Step Three: Determine what medals you have earned and apply for them, as directed by the new requirements and format

Medal Issues Category

Initial Medal Issues

1.1   Medal recipients are entitled to an Initial Issue of medals paid by the State.
1.2   In the event that the member did not receive the Initial medal Issue, the member has to submit an affidavit/proof from DOD Archives that the medal/s were neverIssued/received by the member.  
1.3   The applicant has to attach proof that he/she is entitled to the medals that are being applied for, a copy of their Complete ServiceRecord must be requested from the DOD Archives at Dewald Nel at can also assist in obtaining Full-Service Records, however there is a cost should you decide to use this option.
1.4   The applicant must supply certified proof of identification.
1.5   The applicant must supply a fully completed and signed SAMVOINT Medal ApplicationForm. 

Medal Applications Category

Application for a Re-Issue of Medals

2.1. In the event of a member applying for aRe-Issue of medals due to the Initial Issue being lost, stolen, damaged, misplaced or becoming separated from the recipient for whatever reason the following guidelines are applicable.
2.1.1  Any subsequent Issues of medals will be paid for by the applicant.
2.1.2  A price list of medals will be made available to the applicant/s so that they are aware of the replacement cost of the medals they are applying for. This price list is dependent on exchange rates and cost from time to time from the manufacturer.
2.1.3  The relevant price of medal/s will be paid to the Medal and Awards Procurement Officer in South Africa. He will pay the payment received from the applicant into the SANDF B7 account and furnish copies of the receipt to all parties involved in the application thread.
2.1.4  An affidavit has to be submitted in which the applicant explains what happened to the, this affidavit doesn’t authorise the applicant to an additional Issue at State expense.
2.1.5  Medals that may be re-Issued are those according to the applicant’s service record, not those which he feels he qualifies for, or which he feels he is entitled to. 

Medal Documentation Category

Documentation required with Re-Issue of Medals On submission of an application for the re-issuing of medals the following documents are required.

3.1 The member can’t apply for medals which the member doesn’t qualify for or where the application is supported by statements of fellow servicemen or based on photographs taken in the operational area.
3.2 If the member isn’t sure of his/her dates of service, a Complete Service Record from the DOD Archive must accompany the application which has to be applied for from the DOD archives at Dewald Nel at can also assist in obtaining Full-Service Records, however there is a cost should you decide to use this option.
3.3 If the applicant cannot remember his/her service/force number, he/she has to apply t o the DOD archives for the service/force number.
3.4 The application form must be completed correctly and with accurate detail and information.
3.5 The applicant must supply certified proof of identification.
3.6 Application forms submitted for submission to the SANDF Medals and Awards must be accompanied by: All supporting documents from the DOD Archives (Service records, Service number, including all additional affidavits) that are required. The application will beheld back until all required documentation needed to accompany the application are available, before being submitted to the SANDF for processing. Once applicants are confirmed as SAMVOINT Members, they are at liberty to go back on line at  and, under the “Medals” consider;·      

The medals that they believe they have earned and are eligible for. Take note of the citation and the qualifying service period for each medal that might apply.o  Keep in mind that the SANDF does not undertake any research and it is incumbent on you to provide the information, which they will check.  It is important to be as complete as possible and add your known leaders at the time.o  Note that your period of service is from Basics to when your Regiment /Unit finally discharged you, which should be around 10 to 12 years afterBasics. It you have been doing camps or border Ops you might then be eligible for a Service Medal.  ·      

Submit a Medal Application accordingly.

Step Four: Once you submit your Medal Application you will receive an acknowledgement from our Melbourne Head Office within12 to 48 hours. This is under the management of Veteran Tony Macquet MMM on  You should then receive an acknowledgement within a week or two from that date, confirming that our Medal Office, under the management of Veteran Garth Pienaar , is in receipt of your application. Should our SAMVOINT Medal Office require additional information, they will communicate with you directly. Any further enquiries about your application should be communicated directly with our SAMVOINT Medal Office at .There will be a processing fee of R250.00 (AUD$25) which is ONLY payable once the medals have been issued and in our possession. Bank details will be provided to the successful applicant once the medals have been issued. All payments will be made into the SAMVOA WA Medal Account, details of which will be provided later. Once payment has been made, Demetri will parcel and get the medals couriered to the address you provided in your application. Please ensure that we are advised of any change of address. Each successful medal applicant, in that particular batch of issued medals, will have to share the courier’s costs. Successful medal applicants for destinations outside of South Africa will have their batched and sent to a secure, centralised address, for onward distribution to the local SAMVOINT Regional Centre. Successful medal applicants in South Africa, will pay directly to Demetri and cover their own PostNet costs, usually R125.00. Banking details will be provided prior to the medals being posted. Please bear in mind that SAMVOINT is manned by volunteers only, but we are passionate about serving our members and we do the best we can.

Please click here to download the medal application form