Tony Macquet SAMVOINT Chairman

My H4-2020 Christmas message


Merry Christmas, fellow Veterans!!

This is Tony, your SAMVOINT Chairman, bringing you Christmas greetings on behalf of the Executives of SAMVOINT and our member Entities around the world.

I hope this message reaches all of you, our 2,132 SAMVOINT Members and your families, no matter where you live in the 28 countries you have chosen to call home. May you all enjoy a Blessed and safe Christmas and a prosperous 2021.

2020 has not been a year without challenge. Despite this, the organisation has grown by 251 new members YTD, and we may well exceed 260by year-end.

This has really been a “Virtual” year.

The South African Border War lasted 23 years, 6 months and 2 days and we lost 2,573 with 791 killed in action to which we must add the19 SAMVOINT Members, we know of, who have subsequently passed to Higher Service. With our main focus on Remembrance, we have participated in all ceremonies by posting our individual contributions on Facebook. Thanks to all of you who participated.

To our four focus points, being Remembrance, Equality, Brotherhood and Reconciliation, we have added a 5th, being Respect, which we feel is very appropriate.

A great new initiative has been the monthly Zoom meetings, hosted by Veteran Joe Keyter, who has used his many contacts to provide us with excellent presentations, all experts from their personal experiences, where we have learnt so much about Operations we knew little about. Deservedly, Joe has been awarded the Time Zone 1 - SAMVOA Bugle for individual excellence. Congratulations Joe.

May 2021 be a much better year for us all and please don’t forget the true meaning of Christmas. Keep safe and enjoy.

Best Veteran regards,