Tony Macquet . SAMVOINT Chairman

SAMVOINT’s dedication, motto and inspiration

This Veteran Organisation, through its subordinate organisations, globally, dedicates itself, in grateful recognition and memory of our countrymen, the Immortal Dead of South Africa, who, at the call of duty, made the supreme sacrifice on the battlefields of Africa, Europe and Asia, on land, at sea and in the air.

Theirideal is our legacy, their sacrifice our inspiration.

Greetings to our all our Veterans and those who have been interestedenough to visit our Website. Thank you for doing so and, for those who haveraised questions, I am sure you will agree that SAMVOINT has been bothresponsive and informative in our replies. Please keep your questions coming.

I am pleased to say that, as an organisation, we havereached the 2,000 membership mark and we continue to grow. This must reflectthat we remain meaningful to our international membership.

We have just completed our annual Business Planning atSAMVOA, SAMVOZA and SAMVOUSA. All are at different points in their development,but with enthusiastic and capable leaders, along with their respective Executives,we will continue to move forward. What came out of all three BPs is thatSAMVOINT, through its global Entities, continues to promote our organisationwithin the communities we choose to live, whilst enjoying comradeship and goodfellowship, as we network to better support each other. Our focus remains on Remembrance,Equality, Brotherhood and Reconciliation.

Thevariety of activities we conduct within our host countries are varied and thesecover such activities as 4 x 4 and camping trips, target and clay pigeonshooting, hunting, braais, meetings, socials, road runs and highly successfulFormal Mess Diners, amongst other activities. The Zones and Regions arecongratulated on these highly successful projects.  


Inlooking to the needs of our South African domiciled members, SAMVOZA is managingour SAMVOINT Safe House Project where we now own a fully furnished home in EastLondon, where our first needy veteran and his family are being accommodated.Our Medals and Welfare Office has already facilitated the necessary DMVbenefits. This includes housing benefits, but this benefit takes longer tomaterialise, hence the great need for our project. SAMVOINT is looking to buy asecond Safe House.


Wewelcome our new SAMVOUSA Chairman and we support him in his endeavours tobetter organise our USA, Canadian and South American members.  

Watch this site. Our Communications Team is working hard towards its improvement.

Thank you.