Tony Macquet SAMVOINT Chairman

Already, the first half of 2021 is now behind us. As an organisation, we continue to grow and we have 2,229 members living in 30 countries across our 4 Time Zones where members have chosen to call home.

COVID continues to challenge the occasions we, as Veterans, like to network, enjoy good fellowship and to remember our fellow servicemen and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Whilst we live with this situation, we recommended that members approach their local RSL, RSA or other Veteran host organisations and join in locally and participate within their guidelines. We also wish you good health, as well as your family members.

Other memorial days that are taking place this third Quarter of 2021, include the following;

Boshoed Dag – Globally 

26th August each year

This is a SAMVOINT initiative, created by one of our USA Members where we remember our Border War colleagues on the 26thAugust, which is the day the war started.

Wear a piece of clothing, or bush hat, or dog tags and think about your time in service to your country and especially those who never made it through.

  • Killed in Action:  791.
  • Killed by other means: 1,782
  • Duration of Border War: From 26th August 1966 to 21stMarch 1990 = 23 years, 6 months and 2 days.

Remembrance Sunday Memorial Service – Globally 

Closest Sunday to 11th November each year. In the USA, this is Veterans Day.

Zoom "Virtual" presentations - First Thursday of every month 

The Zoom “Virtual” presentations on the first Thursday of every month are proving to be a huge success. We realise that our start time in Australia will not suit everyone, especially those in South Africa, Europe and the Americas, but, as a SAMVOINT Member, you can register your request for a recording, which you can enjoy watching in your own time. Having said that, we are gratified to have so many regular members from Time Zones, other that Australia / New Zealand.

For your information: The times:

  • Zone 1 –  SAMVOA      – Australia, New Zealand and Asia – 1930H.
  • Zone 2A –  SAMVOZA      – South Africa and Rest of Africa – 1030H
  • Zone 2B –  SAMVOEU      – Europe, United Kingdom and Ireland – 0930H for UK & Ireland.
  • Zone 3 –  SAMVOUSA      – North and South America – 0330H (Houston USA)

Unfortunately, we are all getting older and some of our members are starting to pass away. Being ex-Pats and living far from our original roots, loved ones and dear friends who we have known for many years, the passing of a Veteran, of family member, is a very sad and potentially isolating situation for those left behind. In addition, Members may wish to have a military veteran funeral. Please be aware that SAMVOINT has a number of Chaplains, as well as guidelines in support of deceased member funerals. We also have Peer Support teams who can offer support during the bereavement process and beyond. Please talk to your Regional Chairman about your wishes and he / she will escalate this to ensure that your wishes are met.

Please note that SAMVOINT is run entirely by volunteers, who give of their time in service to our Veterans. Although I am resident in Melbourne, Australia, please free to catch up with me at any time.

On behalf of the Executive, I wish you good health and happiness for the rest of 2021.

Tony Macquet