Samvoint Executives

International Vice Chairman

Veteran Tony Macquet MMM

Tony Macquet

As International Chairman, the role is to direct governance and policy across the SAMVO portfolio, appoint members of the Executive and support all members in upholding the vision, mission and values of our organisation.

About Tony

• 1963 – 1995: Tony served 32 years in the SADF/SANDF and has a great story to tell.
• 1963 – 1966: He started out as a Ballotee, completing basic training, section leader’s course and National Service in Potchefstroom and Oudsthoorn.
• 1967: Extended his volunteer service, completing Platoon Leader’s course and progressing through Commissioned ranks while serving as a volunteer and working as a senior manager in a large manufacturing firm.
• 1970’s: Completed Intelligence Officer’s (IO) course as a Captain and Coy 2IC, graduating top of his class. For the next 12 years he served as IO with GP18, Umkomaas Commando, finally being transferred to 2 Transvaal Scottish Regiment as IO for several years.
• He returned to the infantry and qualified as a Company Commander. He was promoted to Major and appointed as the regimental PR and Liaison officer, tasked with arranging contact with the regiment’s historical roots. He arranged visits to the former Colonel-in-Chief, the Queen Mother; The Black Watch; The Atoll Highlanders and the Scottish Horse.
• 25 August 1989: became part of the Founder Members group of the South African Scottish Regiments Association (SASRA) and represented SASRA on the CMVO, later being appointed as the CMVO representative for the Delville Wood Committee responsible for the Shrine there.
• 1995: Tony immigrated to Australia after being offered a position with a manufacturing firm in Melbourne.
Tony’s considerable experience in veteran affairs and extensive contact network helped him develop the South African Military Veterans Organisation (SAMVO) concept and draft the constitution. His primary challenge was recruiting new members, as most were concerned about the Australian public’s reaction to SAMVOA and its members. He initially recruited 4 family members, followed by 37 from the “SA Reunited” internet group, along with some local friends, which brought the founding group to just over 40 members.
He drove the incentive to mobilise SAMVOA by pursuing the opportunity to participate in the ANZAC Day march, an event where many other nations are represented. ANZAC Day, 25 April 2004, saw SAMVOA members marching for the first time in Melbourne. Mike Black is credited as the founding leader of the Melbourne march and others, who saw the potential in the other major cities, have since followed suit.
SAMVOINT is the product of a highly successful SAMVO concept, driven and nurtured by Tony’s passion for the values and mission that this organisation represents.

International Vice Chairman

Veteran Steven Porter

As the International Vice Chairman, Steve Porter will support me in my role as Chairman

About Steve

• 1979: He completed basic training in the SA Army Armoured Corps.
• 1979 – 1980:Completed his National Service camps and operational commitments with 1SSB.
• Steve and his wife Charmaine immigrated to California, USA, where he became aware of the concept of SAMVOA and believed it should be available to South African Veterans living in the United States.
• 2013 (April): Steve founded SAMVOUSA, adopting the SAMVOA uniform and a similar constitution. Very soon, growth saw SAMVOUSA receiving applicants from around the USA and Canada.
As National Chairman SAMVOUSA, Steve’s focus is to create a greater awareness of the organisation amongst veterans living in North and South America and to build the growth of SAMVOUSA. In the USA, his executive team is working towards veterans participating in the Memorial Day Parade in Washington DC, held in May of each year. This will provide the opportunity for SAMVOUSA members to honour and recognise our fallen countrymen as well as those of their adopted country.
As a current CIO (Chief Information Officer) of a global software company, with personal experience of over 30 years in IT and executive level management, Steve brings much to SAMVOINT

International Ambassador-at-Large

Veteran Roland de Vries SD, SM, MMM

Roland joined SAMVOA in March 2015 and has proved to be a great asset to veterans living abroad and to SAMVOA in particular

About Roland

• 1963: He joined the South African Army and qualified as an officer in January 1964.
• 1980: Completed the Senior Command and Staff Course (Army) and Joint Staff Course in 1985.
• Roland served in many training and operational positions in the South African Defence Force (SADF) as well as the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). He led the Transformation Team in 1997 in developing a new integrated Leadership, Command and Management Concept for the Department of Defence. In 1997 he was appointed Chief of Joint Training.
• 1998: He was appointed as Deputy Chief of the SA Army. This role entailed developing a new Military Strategy for the SA Army, as well as planning and managing the Army’s transformation process.
Roland has published a book on “Mobile Warfare for Southern Africa” and written many articles on warfare, leadership and command themes. He has also consulted to Denel (the South African Defence Industry) on Ground Based Air Defence Systems (GBADS) and Command and Control, to the United Arab Emirates Land Forces on the capability enhancement of its land forces, and to a variety of African countries on Defence transformation.
Roland retired as Major General and currently resides in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa with his wife, Henriette. They have four children, Roland (Jr), Elmarie, Melanie and Pieter.
Roland serves as an independent Strategic Security, Defence and Leadership Development Consultant. He remains engaged in advisory support for corporate security services and the transformation initiatives of Defence Forces in developing countries

International Public Relations and Liaison Director

Veteran Heidi Fourie MMM

This role holds the responsibility for promoting the SAMVO brand locally and internationally. Governance and custody of the style guide, branding protocols and communications/media within and external to the organisation, is contained within this role. Promotion of our image via letters, websites, social media and events where SAMVO-A/ZA/USA/INT is represented, is guided by PR & Liaison as the brand champion

About Heidi

• 1983: Joined the South African Air Force as an Electronic Warfare and Radar Systems Operator. She was one of the first women to be accepted into this type of operational role.
• 1984 – 2001: Heidi specialised in electronic warfare, radar systems, foreign language translations and image interpretation. She later became involved in airborne surveillance operations (forward air control, helicopter SAR and UAV systems).
She pursued a career in UAV Systems and became the South African Air Force’s leading authority on UAV and helicopter-borne surveillance and targeting operations, once again pioneering the way for women to be incorporated into operational roles both in protection of our borders and internally to support the police and other paramilitary forces.
For the best part of 15 years (1985 – 2000), she was deployed operationally in support of helicopter-borne and unmanned systems surveillance missions. She became the interim squadron commander of 10 Squadron (Seeker UAV System) in 1999 until it was shut down in 2001 due to Defence budget cuts.
• 2001 – 2003: Heidi resigned from the SAAF as a Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) to manage the UAV technology retention program between the South African Defence Industry (Denel/Kentron) and the SAAF.
• 2003 – 2015: She immigrated to Australia and joined BAE Systems, holding various portfolios throughout a range of operational and technology projects and programs within the company, retaining Communications Management as a dual role.
Heidi joined SAMVOA in 2004 as part of the founding group in Melbourne. She acted as the PR and Liaison Officer for a few years until she was transferred to New South Wales and has now resumed her portfolio in the public relations role on the IE. Although not as involved with SAMVOA after leaving Victoria due to her location in NSW, she remains committed to the aims and objectives of the organisation

Principal Representative at CMVO

Veteran Colin Bowring MMM

Colin is the principal representative for SAMVOINT on the Council of Military Veterans Organisation (CMVO) and provides resources to assist the CMVO in maintaining the details of all our veterans in the national database

About Colin

• 1980 – 1985: Colin completed basic training at the Air Force Gymnasium and forged a career in the operations and intelligence (Ops/Int) mustering, with tours of duty at AFB Port Elizabeth, Swartkops and Durban.
• 1981 – 1989: Operational tours of duty at Katima Mulilo, Rundu 10 FACP and Opuwa MAOT. He spent 13 months in AFB M’Pacha from January 1984 – March 1985.
• 1989 – 1995: He was transferred to SAAF HQ and finally to MI HQ, where he retired as a WO1 in 1996.
Colin joined SAMVOA in April 2014, taking the reigns as Regional Chairman – South Africa, from Veteran Gert Nel who stepped down from this position. It was at this time that the SAMVO Executive decided to change our name at the CMVO from SAMVOA to SAMVOINT in order to better demonstrate our global reach and interaction with veterans living in all areas of the world.
With the formation of SAMVOZA, (South Africa, Rest of Africa & Europe) Colin was appointed to the role of National Chairman – SAMVOZA. The aim is to expand the organisation in this Zone and bring the respective Regions to operational status and get the members more active in veteran’s affairs

Director International Peer Support

This position is under negotiation. An update will be provided once the role is finalised