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Major General Gert Opperman

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Remembrance SERVICE - LOMBA 100

chairman's corner

Tony Macquet SAMVOINT Chairman

H1 – 2021 – Chairman’s message

Since my Christmas message, our numbers have increased from2,132 to 2,154. In addition, the 28 countries that we have chosen to call home have increased to 30.

2021 remains a challenge and this year will likely see ANZAC Day and other memorial days still having to conform to certain COVID guidelines. ANZAC Day, 2021, for example will not see any Commonwealth or Allied Forces featured, and our SAMVOA Chairman, Veteran Ricard Southey MMM, has recommended that members approach their local RSL or RSA and participate within their guidelines. Despite this limitation, we are hopeful that ANZAC Day will return to normal from next year.

Other memorial days that will be taking place this Quarter, other than ANZAC Day, which is on the 25th April, are:

·       SADF Wall of Remembrance in Pretoria – Closest Sunday to end of May each year.

·       Memorial Day – USA - Closest Sunday to end of May each year.

·       Anglo-Boer War Memorial Service – Globally – 31st May marks the anniversary of the end of the Boer War.


The Zoom “Virtual” presentations on the first Thursday of every month are proving to be a huge success. We realise that our start time in Australia will not suit everyone, especially those in South Africa, Europe and the Americas, but, as a SAMVOINT Member, you can register your request for a recording, which you can enjoy watching in your own time. Having said that, we are gratified to have so many regular members from Time Zones, other that Australia/ New Zealand.

For your information: The times:

  • Zone 1 –           SAMVOA     – Australia, New Zealand and Asia – 1930H.
  • Zone 2A –         SAMVOZA     – South Africa and Rest of Africa – 1030H
  • Zone 2B –         SAMVOEU     – Europe, United Kingdom and Ireland – 0930H for UK & Ireland.
  • Zone 3 –           SAMVOUSA     – North and South America – 0330H (Houston USA)


On a topic of interest to all Members, we have recently seen good movement on the award of medals, with 55 Members recently being awarded their long-awaited medals. However, we still have 333 applications on our books and Veterans Garth Pienaar and Demetri Friend are working diligently on these. It is so gratifying to see movement at last, however, the SANDF is tightening up on medal applications and we have temporarily suspended taking on new applications until it becomes clear what these requirements will be. The indications are that applicants will have to go to more trouble than just filling in an application, however, we will provide suitable guidelines and support to applicants.

Members are reminded that the SAMVOINT logo is a registered brand and any proposed use of this logo needs to be motivated to, and approved by our SAMVOINT Director Management Services, Veteran Gary Porter, who resides in the United Kingdom. Please seek guidance through your Regional Chairman, or contact us on our SAMVOINT Website at https://www.samvoint.org/

Unfortunately, we are getting older and some of our Members are starting to pass away more regularly. Being ex-Pats and living far from our original roots, loved ones and friends we have known for many years, the passing of a Veteran, of family member, is a very sad and potentially isolating situation for those left behind. In addition, Members may wish to have a military veteran funeral. Please be aware that SAMVOINT has Chaplains and guidelines in support of deceased member funerals, as well as Peer Support teams who can offer support during the bereavement process. Please talk to your Regional Chairman about your wishes and he / she will escalate this to ensure that your wishes are met.

May SAMVOINT Members enjoy their respective Memorial Days as we remember our own, whilst paying respect to those of our host countries who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Tony Macquet




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The South African Military Veterans Organisation International (SAMVOINT) is an ex-servicemen / women's organisation comprising Military and Police Veterans who were called up or who volunteered to serve their country, South Africa, in the SADF / SANDF, SAP / SAPS, or the South African Correctional Services, and who now reside in and outside of South Africa.

There can be no doubt that we proudly served in the best defence force that Africa has ever seen.

This Veteran Organisation dedicates itself, in grateful recognition and memory of their countrymen, the Immortal Dead of South Africa, who, at the call of Duty, made the supreme Sacrifice on the battlefields of Africa, Asia and Europe, on land, at sea and in the air.


The Honoris Crux was awarded for bravery in dangerous circumstances.

Their are four classes of Honoris Crux:
- The Honoris Crux Diamond
- The Honoris Crux Gold
- The Honoris Crux Silver
- The Honoris Crux

Together these replace the Honoris Crux of 1952 and is regarded in the same light as the Victoria Cross

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The South african border war

The Border War

The South African Border War, commonly referred to as the Angolan Bush War in South Africa, was a conflict that took place from 1966 to 1989 in South-West Africa (now Namibia) and Angola between South Africa and its allied forces (mainly UNITA) on the one side and the Angolan Armed Forces (FAPLA), South-West Africa People’s Organisation (SWAPO), and their allies – mainly Cuba – on the other. It was closely intertwined with the Angolan Civil War and the Namibian War of Independence.